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Thanksgiving Decorations - Festive Turkey

Today's post is for Thanksgiving. We're making TURKEYS!!

It's pretty simple and can be done by just about anyone old enough to hold onto a paintbrush and/or handle some safety scissors.

Newspaper to cover your work space
Contruction paper: brown, orange, red, yellow, any other autumn colors you want.
Paint Pallette or paper plate
Paint: can be any kind, I used acrylic.
Rinse cup with water
Glue or tape

Cover your work space in newspaper.
Put a small amount of a variety of colors on your paper plate or paint pallette.
Get your paint supplies together - water in rinse cup, brushes together (and a rag to wipe them dry after rinsing them is helpful as well), etc...

Take a brown piece of construction paper (a brown paper bag would work well also) and fold it in half. Cut a half circle on the seam so when you open it, it's a circle/oval. This is the body of your turkey.

Cut a strip of about 2 inches long, 1 inch wide out of the same brown paper. This is your turkey neck.

Cut a smaller circle/oval out of the scraps of the same brown paper. This is your turkey head.

Tape or Glue your turkey head to the neck, the neck to the body and set it aside. You won't need it again until later.

Once the glue is dry, you'll return to the body of the turkey and paint a face, wings, feathers, anything you want. Let it dry.

Take a small selection of colored construction paper (I used red, yellow, orange and white) and paint them with the many colors of paint. The more random and abstract the painting, the better. You don't want faces and designs because you'll be cutting these once they're dry.

Set them aside and let them dry REALLY well before you cut them or you'll have paint on your scissors.

Once your painting is completely dry, cut out feather shapes. To make this job easier, I cut the pages into strips and then stacked them, and cut the feather shapes out of the whole stack of 5 or 6 at a time. This helps them stay uniform.

Now that your feathers are cut out and your turkey is painted, you can arrange the feathers behind the turkey in any order you like. Use as many or as little as you like. Once they're all in place, glue or tape them down and let it dry.

Feet aren't necessary. If you don't use them, your turkey will simply be in a roosting or sitting position, but if you want feet, take a yellow "feather" and cut it down the middle (legs) and cut the point off and glue it to the legs. Then glue the legs on. Let it dry.

You can tape your turkey to your door, put it on the fridge, or you can make multiples, string them with yarn or thread and hang them from your cieling, chandelier, etc...


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My husband's

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The kiddo's.

Now get crafting and post your goodies!!


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