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картон А4

подскажите, где можно покупать (купить) картон А4 белый, цветной штук по 100 - 200 для поделок и т.д.
some cute and easy valentine's day craft ideas can be found here at skip to my lou

Dec. 18th, 2008

the christmas projects i made with my kids using recyled jewel cases...

how to here

what we madeCollapse )

x posted to craftgrrl
Name and age: rachel 30
Location: chicago area illinois
Where did you get your crafting start? i've been crafting forever i think
Kid names and ages: no kids, i work daycare and have kids that range in age from 5-12
What sort of crafts are you and your kids interested in: anything, they love crafting
What have you been working on lately: going to be starting holiday decorating
Anything else we should know: i'm constantly looking for ideas for stuff to do with my kids that is cheap and fun
An example of your craftiness and/or a picture of you/your kiddo: i'll link to my crafts album on picassa, nothing that i've done with the kids though

(the melted snowman was something i did with the kids last winter)

(would tag but i'm getting an error saying i can't tag entries to this journal)

A present for the Tooth Fairy

My daughter (6) has been thinking a lot about the tooth fairy, since her brother (8) has recently finally lost his two front teeth.
And since I wire wrap and bead, she got a Great idea:

a necklace for the tooth fairy!

the plan is that when her first tooth comes out, I'll wire wrap it and add it to the necklace and we'll leave it for the tooth fairy under her pillow.

Shortly after getting the beading bug, I stopped using all my craft store glass beads (I use semi-precious stones) so everything I picked up is fair game to her now.

And I was working on a wire project this afternoon, so I gave her one of my less perfect links and made her a little beaded hook to be the clasp.


I'm Cathy, and I saw the com from craftgrrl
I'm a homeschooling mom of three, and we love to make a ton of crafts.
My kids are 8, 6 and 4.
And I've challenged myself to craft some every day in October, and the kids have gotten into the spirit too, so I'll probably be posting a fair amount.


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