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A present for the Tooth Fairy

My daughter (6) has been thinking a lot about the tooth fairy, since her brother (8) has recently finally lost his two front teeth.
And since I wire wrap and bead, she got a Great idea:

a necklace for the tooth fairy!

the plan is that when her first tooth comes out, I'll wire wrap it and add it to the necklace and we'll leave it for the tooth fairy under her pillow.

Shortly after getting the beading bug, I stopped using all my craft store glass beads (I use semi-precious stones) so everything I picked up is fair game to her now.

And I was working on a wire project this afternoon, so I gave her one of my less perfect links and made her a little beaded hook to be the clasp.

Christmas Craft: Melty Men

Last year for Christmas, I decided I wanted my daughter, (lil_lily_b) to make something simple and cute for family. Something just from HER.

Together, we made pie pan ornaments (cut holiday shapes out of an aluminum pie pan, and hammer holes in it with a nail, file down rough edges, thread and hang) for family, but it was mainly me doing the hard work. Sadly, I don't have pictures but they weren't OMG, impressive, so no big deal.

This, however, is absolutely adorable and Lily did most of it.

I saw the idea for the Texas Snowman [click for an image of the marketed version] but didn't have a babyfood jar big enough. Also, didn't like the name. We're not in TX and though my sister and her husband live there, we don't. Boo. I don't like TX.

And so, my own rendition:

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I'm Cathy, and I saw the com from craftgrrl
I'm a homeschooling mom of three, and we love to make a ton of crafts.
My kids are 8, 6 and 4.
And I've challenged myself to craft some every day in October, and the kids have gotten into the spirit too, so I'll probably be posting a fair amount.

Recycled Objects

Last year for the month of October, I had a lot of fun turning these recycleable objects into Halloween crafts that any kid can help with:

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Milk Jug Jack O Lanterns: milk jugs, paint, sharpie markers.

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Scarecrow: plastic bags stuffed with newspaper (and a wire hanger for support), outgrown clothes, yarn, paint.

You can see the flying ghosties I made.
They spin and swerve around on their thread lines when the wind catches them. I heart it.

Would you like to meet them?

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I'm having so much fun with this stuff.

~mother of 3 year old Elizabeth (lil_lily_b).

Just starting up.

Hi, everyone. I've randomly decided to start up this community because I'm always doing crafts for my daughter and with her and never feel like it's quite "worthy" of a "real" crafting community, but still want to show it off. So, here I am.

Hopefully there will be many more crafters with kids who will add their ideas and great creative crafts that are kid-friendly very soon.

Please spread the word to your crafty parents that we're here. I'm pretty excited about this. Thanks for checking us out.

~mom of 3 (and a half) year old Elizabeth (lil_lily_b).