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I'm a little disappointed that no one else is posting, but I'm still going to keep at it.
Would love to see your renditions of anything I've made as well as your own ideas.

Enough of my banter though, on with the craft.

nutcracker (and a gentle hand)
paint, glitter, glue, anything you want to embellish it with.
Ribbon, wire, string, anything to create a loop.
Rubberband (optional)

gently crack a walnut, split it directly down the middle (this takes a little practice, so be prepared to munch a few), remove the meat of the nut, clean out anything left inside.

If you've washed the shell, let it dry. Then create a loop with whatever supply you prefer (the ones in my pictures used picture hanging wire because it's what I had at the moment. I don't recommend that since it's so thick, but jewelry or craft wire would be fine. Even an ornament hook from the holidays would be great.

Once your loop or hook is in place, use glue and stick the walnut back together (I used Elmers) and rubberband it together so it holds tight. This step is optional... just make sure it's got a good bond.

Once the walnuts are securely back together, decorate your new ornaments however you want to.

I did this craft with my parents when I was a child and we still have one left. I did this craft with my daughter and husband 2 years ago and plan on doing it again when she's older.

It was her first experience with paint and she loved it.

click the picture for a larger image!
My husband did the snowman head and the santa head, I did the snowman with a body, the jesus/random guy one and the blue one (that's actually supposed to look like a globe with Santa in a sleigh... you can see it a little better in the larger image). Haha. Our daughter did the two paint blob ones, which we love (and will probably outlast ours since it's being held together by glue AND paint).

What do you think?


Oct. 24th, 2008 04:15 am (UTC)
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